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Compared with or compared to?

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playftseforme · 28/04/2009 09:45

Which is correct?


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Hassled · 28/04/2009 09:51

I'm plucking this out of thin air, but I think it depends on how many.

So I compare myself to my neighbour, but I compare myself with my neighbours.

or something.

Hassled · 28/04/2009 09:52

Actually I think what I've just posted is nonsense now I think about it. Sorry .

playftseforme · 28/04/2009 09:52

Oh, that sounds plausible

OP posts:
playftseforme · 28/04/2009 09:53


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RamblingRosa · 28/04/2009 10:04

Found this on Both are correct.

verb 1 (often compare to/with) estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between. 2 (compare to) point out or describe the resemblances of (something) with. 3 (usu. compare with) be similar to or have a specified relationship with another thing or person.

playftseforme · 28/04/2009 10:06

brilliant, thanks

am writing a report in work, and didn't want to get it wrong

OP posts:
AllFallDown · 28/04/2009 13:25

A newspaper style guide:
Compare to/with
The former means liken to, the latter means make a comparison: so unless you are specifically likening someone or something to someone or something else (eg Nothing Compares 2 U), use compare with. The lord chancellor compared himself to Cardinal Wolsey because he believed he was like Wolsey; I might compare him with Wolsey to assess their relative merits.

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