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Where should the apostrophe go?

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walkthedinosaur · 21/04/2009 15:02

In the phrase I'd got my friends' dog run over.

Now I would say "I'd got my friend's dog run over" but it's written in my document as above with it being "friends'"

Which is correct? Is it because the friends are plural that it's written like that?

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flowerybeanbag · 21/04/2009 15:04

Yes, if the dog belongs to more than one friend, it's friends'

prettybird · 21/04/2009 15:08

Depends on whether it was more than one friend. If, say, it was a couple (who were friends of yuors) who owned the dog and you ran it over, then it would be "friends' dog".

However, if it was only one person who owned the dog, then it would be "friend's dog".

I'm nore concerned about the "I'd got.....". Was a hit taken out to get the dog run over?

walkthedinosaur · 21/04/2009 15:53

Many thanks.

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