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Covered before, maybe????

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Mspontipine · 21/04/2009 13:11

MAYBE there are certain circs when you would use this word. A couple of times lately I have noticed its use and thought no no no that's not right!! I sat behind a courier van for ages in traffic yesterday. On it was a sign

"Driver maybe looking for address"

Sureley this is as informative as putting

"Driver maybe hungry" "Driver maybe thinking about sex" "Driver maybe wearing trainers"

In cases like this would it not be correct to use may be?

Please save me from my constant pondering and forgive any other unintentional errors in my post!

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Mspontipine · 21/04/2009 20:28


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BecauseImWorthIt · 21/04/2009 20:35

Yes, you are right.

'Driver maybe lookng for address' - could imply that it's not necessarily the driver who is looking for the address

'Driver may be looking for address' - clear use of the verb 'to be', qualified with the maybe

BecauseImWorthIt · 21/04/2009 20:36

you need this!

Mspontipine · 21/04/2009 21:12

I thank you :-)

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