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ok all you pedants, do I say.......

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waitingforgodot · 18/02/2009 13:15

I constantly strived or strove? haha. I am thick.

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Iklboo · 18/02/2009 13:16

I have always striven

theyoungvisiter · 18/02/2009 13:16

I would say strove but I think either is probably correct.

theyoungvisiter · 18/02/2009 13:17

But striven is the past participle, non? Which is different again!

waitingforgodot · 18/02/2009 13:27

i have no idea. Come on pedants......

OP posts:
LeninGrad · 18/02/2009 13:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeninGrad · 18/02/2009 13:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bucharest · 18/02/2009 13:30


ShauntheSheep · 18/02/2009 13:32

I think strived and strove would be the american way. same as dived and dove.

Iklboo · 18/02/2009 13:32

Yes striven is past participle, but might fit with 'I constantly' (which could imply talking about the past)
I like 'endeavour' - makes you sound like an explorer

onebatmother · 18/02/2009 13:35

strove, yes. Both are correct - though strived is a little modern .

waitingforgodot · 18/02/2009 13:40

thanks all-I just kept it in the present tense. " I constantly strive"

OP posts:
theyoungvisiter · 18/02/2009 13:59

tcha - cop out!

waitingforgodot · 18/02/2009 14:01

according to the dictionary, it is strove an pp is striven.
So now you all know! Can I be a pedant too??

OP posts:
theyoungvisiter · 18/02/2009 14:10

yes, there is a stiff initiation ceremony though and you will have to learn the secret handshake.

waitingforgodot · 18/02/2009 14:57

I thought a love of Stephen Fry and all things pedantic were enough non?!

I just made up that Stephen Fry bit...

OP posts:
onebatmother · 18/02/2009 16:15

No, I'm afraid there is hazing.

waitingforgodot · 18/02/2009 17:27

Ooh hazing! Hold on while I consult the anti-hazing website

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