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QUICK - Help needed with apostrophe in "5 years' time"

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HaventSleptForAYear · 15/02/2009 20:15

Is that right?

5 years' time

I am doing the song tomorrow with a class (lots of good tenses in there) I teach English to and want to be sure before they all learn the phrase off by heart.


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VintageGardenia · 15/02/2009 20:16

Tis right.

Bink · 15/02/2009 20:17

Yes indeed, that's right.

The time duration is "of five years", so belonging to that (plural) mass of five years.

Analogy: one day's notice vs thirty days' notice

spicemonster · 15/02/2009 20:17

That's right but be prepared for alot of people to tell you it's wrong. It's a massive bugbear of mine!

HaventSleptForAYear · 15/02/2009 20:33


Don't think any of my students will be telling me it's wrong!

I have not seen the song title with an apostrophe in it though.

Feeling relieved that my students don't have a totally useless EFL teacher!

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HaventSleptForAYear · 15/02/2009 20:34

Thank you all.

Have double-checked my lyrics and found another missing apostrophe so I think I can finally print it out now!

Good night!

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