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Program or programme?

11 replies

HeadFairy · 05/02/2009 21:16

Which is correct? Do they have different meanings?

OP posts:
AMumInScotland · 05/02/2009 21:24

I'd say you have a programme of work, or watch a TV programme. But you write a computer program. Can't say if that's technically correct though!

Hulababy · 05/02/2009 21:25

Computer program
TV programme

Molesworth · 05/02/2009 21:25

I agree with AMIS

BitOfsexyFunbutnotupthebum · 05/02/2009 21:25

Programme is more British, I think. Personally, I use it as the noun, but I would think of the shorter version as a verb. That's just me though, I think!

BitOfsexyFunbutnotupthebum · 05/02/2009 21:26

Oh, and I meant to say about computers too- glad it's not just me!

SingingBear · 05/02/2009 21:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

HeadFairy · 05/02/2009 21:29

I thought programme would be the British version, just because it sounded more like it had French roots and the American's simplify the spelling of any word with French routes (colour/color etc). I can see how programme is something you get when you go to the theatre or somewhere like that, and program is what you do to a computer but it occured to me that they might be interchangeable.

OP posts:
PortAndLemon · 05/02/2009 21:32

Program -- if you are American, or if you are British and wish to describe computer code.

Programme -- if you are British and wish to describe anything else.

RamblingRosa · 10/02/2009 09:18

I always thought program was the American version of programme

tearinghairout · 27/02/2009 13:06

Agree with PortandLemon: in the UK it's always programme, unless you're talking about computers, in which case it's program. So TV programme is right.

(So woul it be 'I'm programing the computer'? I think not. They should stick to programme and programming! )

Same with disc & disk. So a CD or computer thingy is a disk, but the little plastic things on dd's dress are discs. Or sequins

fryalot · 27/02/2009 13:10

P & L is right

program is American and over here we only use it in relation to computer programs.

programme is British and is used for everything else.

THO is right about disk and disc (and sequins) as well

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