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DD, DH etc

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glutenfreebabe · 29/01/2009 22:49

Am I the only one who thinks that putting DD, DS instead of my son, my daughter etc. is incredibly naff? It only seems to appear on certain forums (or fora for those of us that did Latin O'Level). Maybe I'm just old.......

OP posts:
BitOfFun · 29/01/2009 22:52

I think it comes into its own with multiple kids, i.e. Dd3 rather than "my third eldest daughter" IYSWIM (love the acronyms, me )

thumbwitch · 30/01/2009 04:25

probably one of a very small number, yes. It is a very useful form of shorthand most of the time and I agree with BitOfFun too.
Tis better than bub1, hubby, etc. IMVHO.

Habbibu · 30/01/2009 15:49

I started off disliking them too, but then my fingers started to hurt. And if you're going to get all Latin about forums, you might as well go the whole hog and start de-anglicising all the other Latin loan words in English.

glutenfreebabe · 04/02/2009 23:14

I have 3 sons and am quite happy to write the eldest etc it's only a few extra letters!

OP posts:
dearprudence · 04/02/2009 23:21

I felt a bit weird about this at first, but I got used to it and hardly notice it now.

Mumwhensdinnerready · 05/02/2009 15:46

I hated it at first but it seems to be fairly universal on MN so I've got used to it.Don't do text speak though.

ChippyMinton · 05/02/2009 16:29

It's an integral part of the MN posting style.

It's when you start referring to your DC as DS1, DS2 out loud that you should start to worry.

Stretch · 05/02/2009 16:31

Chippy! That happens sometimes!!

CantSleepWontSleep · 05/02/2009 16:35

It might only be a few extra letters, but when you're typing one handed whilst bf'ing (that's breastfeeding to 'ye who hate acronyms') every letter counts.

ra29 · 08/02/2009 18:16

I would find it much less cringeworthy if the initial 'd' was left out.
I am so not a pedant but would never normally talk about my 'darling/dear' son and find it odd for a site that doesn't do hugs!

VintageChampagneAndGardenias · 11/02/2009 08:41

I quite like your usage of Latin O'Level, a roguish younger son of Irish family in fiction...

ProfessorCalculus · 19/02/2009 21:43

It's not just MN. Most parenting sites I've looked at use DS, DP, DH etc. It's becoming universal. A convenient way of using fewer letters.

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