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Pedants' corner

So I'm thinking if it's Pedants' corner it should be Toddlers' that right?

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tassisssss · 12/01/2009 19:56

Have been pondering for some time whether there should be an apostrophe in Toddlers' Group...


OP posts:
ClementFreudsGreatestAdmirer · 12/01/2009 19:58

depends if you think it refers to a group of toddlers or the group of the toddlers...

Hassled · 12/01/2009 19:59

Yes - if there is more than one Toddler, then Toddlers' Group. If you're talking about one specific toddler, it would be the toddler's group.

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 19:59

sorry, don't see the difference...

OP posts:
madlentileater · 12/01/2009 19:59

Toddlers' Group=one group belonging to a group of toddlers.
Does it?

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 19:59

ah, get it now, thanks (I think)

OP posts:
littleoldme · 12/01/2009 19:59

A group belonging to more than toddler should have an apostrophe after the s. Grrr

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 20:01

so if discussing a group that runs on a weekly basis that a whole bunch of toddlers, babies etc go to, then it should be Toddlers' Group?

(I feel an urge to add an apostrophe to all our bank accounts, publicity etc etc!)

OP posts:
tassisssss · 12/01/2009 20:02

why the Grr littleoldme, that's not very friendly!

OP posts:
BarcodeZebra · 12/01/2009 20:34

Do you mean that Pedants' Corner is like a toddlers' group?

Not that it isn't of course...

Bink · 12/01/2009 20:39

Not necessarily.

Pedants' corner belongs to the pedants. It is of the pedants, possessive rather than descriptive.

Toddlers, in the context of the group, is not exactly possessive, but more descriptive. So, er, Hobbies Club - very much not the club belonging to some bizarrely animatronic sentiences which are the hobbies, but a club which is focussed around hobbies.

Could be easier if you made it singular. Baby and Toddler Group.

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 20:52

Can't change the name. Need to know whether or not there's an apostrophe.

OP posts:
BarcodeZebra · 12/01/2009 20:53

I rest my case...

Bink · 12/01/2009 21:40

Well - for my money, no apostrophe. Because "toddlers" describes what it's about, rather than being a reference to a set of people to whom the group belongs.

(That set is the parents, of course.)

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 21:43

Well now I'm totally confused...

OP posts:
alexpolismum · 12/01/2009 21:46

In your example, Bink, there should be no s at all and you should say Toddler Group. Description involves adjectives, which do not have plural forms (hence a two-year-old girl and NOT years old, a six-foot-tall man and NOT six feet)

alexpolismum · 12/01/2009 21:49

It's very simple, OP.

Toddler's Group - one group belonging to a specific toddler

Toddlers' Group - one group belonging to a group of toddlers

Toddlers Group (no apostrophe) - wrong wrong wrong

Bink · 12/01/2009 21:58

So Hobbies Club? - as analogy? - I think it's quite fine to have a plural form there & no apostrophe.

As the club does not belong to the hobbies (any more than the group belongs to the two-year-olds); and attendees are entitled to be interested in more than one hobby.

But I'm not going to, as they say, die in a ditch over this one.

alexpolismum · 12/01/2009 22:07

Strictly speaking it should be Hobby Club. As Hobby is used adjectivally here, it does not mean that there can only be one hobby. But as you say, it's hardly worth losing sleep over.

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 22:10

Well if you guys don't know, i feel justified in getting it wrong for the past few years. Thanks!

OP posts:
islandofsodor · 12/01/2009 22:10

I have never ever seen a Toddler Group (no s) referred to as a Toddlers group (with s and with or without an apostrophe)

It's a Toddler Group a group of toddlers.

wheresthehamster · 12/01/2009 22:12

I like Hobby Club, Toddler Group and Pedant Corner. Saves all the possessive angst

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 22:12

Well it's Toddlers Group and I can't change that! It is in fact known by the placename, which I don't want to mention but for example Forthside Toddlers Group...does that make a difference?!

OP posts:
ThingOne · 12/01/2009 22:29

Forthside Toddlers? No group?

tassisssss · 12/01/2009 22:32

I can't change the name!! We have a bank statement, publicity, a constitution, committee etc etc! I'm the secretary and just had a notion that there was an apostrophe lacking so I think I'll stick one in (in fact I already have on tomorrow nights agenda).

OP posts:
SenoraPostrophe · 12/01/2009 22:37

i also think toddler grup.

however, since it has an s, toddlers group is fine - the group doesn't actually belong to the toddler.

pedants corner (no apostrophe) is fine too y'know

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