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Could I please have a little rant about Tesco?

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Icanseethesea · 31/12/2008 17:25

I have just returned from a hellish trip to our local store. They have a huge notice outside, stating 'We're closed on New Year's Day, but you're local Tesco Express will be open as usual'.

You would think someone might have proof-read it first...

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whomovedmychocolate · 31/12/2008 17:26


unfitmother · 31/12/2008 17:28


BarcodeTheRedNosedZebra · 02/01/2009 22:16

And were it.....oh, I give up.

Every little helps though, eh?

InSearchOfLostKeys · 04/01/2009 08:43

but you are local Tesco Express...?!? my teeth are itching as I type

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