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Printed on the inside of Mueller little star packets...

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RoskvaTheRedNosedReindeer · 19/12/2008 22:49

... the ones that open out and have colouring activities in ...

"Where's my lillypad?"

Sounds like a sanitary towel

OP posts:
SparklyBaubleFeast · 20/12/2008 17:18

only ih your warped imagination

Grammaticus · 20/12/2008 17:22


BodenGroupie · 20/12/2008 18:27

Should be Müller - I seem to remember from my 1978 German O level that if your typewriter didn't have an umlaut, you put an "e" after the
"u". I really need to get a life - someone called me a "grammar Nazi" last night !

RoskvaTheRedNosedReindeer · 20/12/2008 19:53

Oh dear

OP posts:
asicsgirl · 27/12/2008 18:50

boden, you get a point for being pedantisch.

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