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I am marking essays and I would like to share with you some of the elegant contributions of the world's future leaders.

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GoodWilfToAllMN · 16/12/2008 22:27

"in the Neverlands..."

Nope. Not an essay about Peter Pan. Referring to Holland.

OP posts:
moondog · 16/12/2008 22:27
stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:28

The amount of times i see rivem (for rhythm)
FattipuffsandThinnifers · 16/12/2008 22:30

How old are these bright young sparks?
stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:31

11-18 in my case

stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:32


a peace of music



GoodWilfToAllMN · 16/12/2008 22:33

they are at university

OP posts:
stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:34

my pet hate is when they say 'X-xylophone'

'I wanna play the x-xylophone'

JingleBennysAndJooniper · 16/12/2008 22:34
stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:35

God almight - which university?

The university of some tiny town in back of beyond that used to be a poly

(no offence)

UnfortunatelyMe · 16/12/2008 22:35

@ uni
My dd wrote I am bord the other day, I was embarrased but she has only just turned 8

stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:35

God almight - which university?

The university of some tiny town in back of beyond that used to be a poly

(no offence)

stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:36

oops so good i posted it twice

GoodWilfToAllMN · 16/12/2008 22:37


Well, yes the first bit is true, but not the last. Nothing wrong with them poylitEcknicks anyway.

OP posts:
stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:38

OMG - thats shocking - i have seen the quality of our student teachers though and its eeeeek!

edam · 16/12/2008 22:40

Good grief.

I went to an ex-poly and I CAN spell and punctuate, thank you very much. Be careful, stillenacht, or I'll start singing. That would be unpleasant for anyone but torment for anyone at all musical.

NotanOtter · 16/12/2008 22:42

lol polyversities is the phrase chez nous

stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:43

My DH was an ex poly student too so i will retract my last statement.

stillenacht · 16/12/2008 22:44
edam · 16/12/2008 22:45

Oh, and I was just doing some coughing breathing exercises...

GoodWilfToAllMN · 16/12/2008 22:47

Oh, and did I mention VOTE WILF

OP posts:
GoodWilfToAllMN · 16/12/2008 23:37


"as appose to" as opposed to, well, as opposed to...

OP posts:
GoodWilfToAllMN · 16/12/2008 23:40

"the late forth millennium BC"

OP posts:
NotanOtter · 16/12/2008 23:55

how depressing

alexpolismum · 17/12/2008 15:38

my favourite is - wait for it -


took me ages to realise it meant hedgehog!

(ok, the pupil was only 15, not at university, but still...)

Jazzicatz · 17/12/2008 15:54

Not marking this term, but I will be next and I am not looking forward to it. Its sooo soul destroying when you read some of the efforts of the students some of whom will be going on to quite important jobs and they can barely string a sentence together.

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