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"Without further adjew ...."

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Swedes · 16/12/2008 13:13

Yesterday. The head of the pre-school said in church "Now without further adjew we'll let the children tell you the story of baby Jesus." I think I felt a collective gasp from the congregation and I thought poor woman, she's going to cringe at that later when she sees the video. But just before the end she announced "Mince pies and coffee would be served without further adjew."

Ha ha.

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dearprudence · 16/12/2008 13:22

I received an email from the (American) head of HR at work recently. She said that something or other would be happening "without further adieu". In writing. To the whole company!

ramonaquimby · 16/12/2008 13:23

Brownie leader at enrollment last week - "X" belongs to the guh-nomes six

there is no hope

Swedes · 16/12/2008 16:52

Dearprudence - I love 'without further adieu'. I'm going to say that from now on.

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