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The plural of "Christmas" is "Christmasses", surely?

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MadreInglese · 04/12/2008 13:41

Just seen a poster for a new film called "Four Christmases"

This looks wrong, shouldn't there be an extra "s"?

OP posts:

longlegted · 04/12/2008 13:49

It does look funny as we don't usually see christmas written as a plural. But it is indeed correct. It does not need another 's' as the 'es' does the job.
Hope that helps .


MadreInglese · 04/12/2008 13:55

It looks odd

OP posts:

DaisyMooSteiner · 04/12/2008 13:58

Should it not be 'Christmas's'?

I think Christmases is right.


kelda · 24/12/2015 10:00

I just asked google this question an this was the first link [santa] Xmas Grin


londongal13 · 08/01/2023 05:04

DaisyMooSteiner is right about the plural being Christmases. It confuses a lot of people. If you look at Wikipedia and this page, plural of Christmas, both refer to the plural as Christmases.

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