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PMSL? Surely not!

13 replies

prettybutterfly · 20/11/2008 20:12

Myself is all one word. It should be PML.

OP posts:
BlueCowStillWondering · 21/11/2008 14:47

You're right - it always stops me short. But I am a visual person, so 'see' words before their meaning (blimy, bit garbled, but hope it makes sense)

prettybutterfly · 21/11/2008 15:10

It makes sense!

OP posts:
TsarChasm · 21/11/2008 15:15

You are right! Oh dear that's going to bug me now every time I see it. (I do it too PMSL pml!)

claricebeansmum · 21/11/2008 15:17

You are right.

cornsilk · 21/11/2008 15:19

bah humbug

Pinkjenny · 21/11/2008 15:20

I've often thought the same thing. And what is Roffle?

snigger · 21/11/2008 15:21

Could you conceivably edit the phrase in your head to "P Myself Sodden, Laughing"?

Would that help?

prettybutterfly · 21/11/2008 16:34


OP posts:
AmIWhatAndWhy · 21/11/2008 16:40

It's pissin mi sen laffin

prettybutterfly · 21/11/2008 17:12

It's pissin mi sen laffin?

Oh, well that's all right then.

Panic over everyone. It's pissin mi sen laffin.

Silly me.

OP posts:
TheGrillerPedant · 21/11/2008 17:14


AmIWhatAndWhy · 21/11/2008 17:16
DaisySparkle · 09/12/2008 10:42

always wondered what that meant! PMSL

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