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pookamoo · 24/10/2008 14:43

That's all!

OP posts:
pushchair · 24/10/2008 22:10

Please can you clear up attatchment?

littlelapin · 24/10/2008 22:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pushchair · 24/10/2008 22:15

Thank you so much have spent at least 30 seconds thinking of alternatives because I wasnt sure.
Short attention span

ScareyBitchFeast · 24/10/2008 22:16

i know how to spell it thanks to pedants corner!

ScareyBitchFeast · 24/10/2008 22:16

i always want to spell it definately - spell checker automatically changes it for me - but now i know

pushchair · 24/10/2008 22:20

attachment makes me think of taches

BarcodeZebra · 27/10/2008 21:25

Please, all of you, you simply have to click on the link in the bottom right. The one that says, "Buy the Mug".

Oh, the products....

fishperson · 27/10/2008 22:31

My dd's teacher had corrected my dd's misspelling of definitely to "definately" and dd had to copy this out 3 times!

Not sure how to tackle this. Do I go to the teacher and point this out (or get the Head to correct her). Bit embarassing isn't it?

NotBigNotClever · 27/10/2008 22:39

Gets my goat almost as much as "seperately". Aaaaargh. That's separately, people.

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