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L'Oreal Age Re-perfect Re-Plumping! WTF?

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discantus · 17/09/2008 10:51

Is anyone else being driven mad by all these cosmetic adverts which are using the most bizarre made up words such as de-crinkling and re-perfect? There seem to be more and more of them, and i'm starting to cringe every time I hear them. Surely no-one is impressed by these mumbo jumbo words?

OP posts:
Katisha · 17/09/2008 10:57

I am re-irritated by it all in a de-pleasing way...

Cadelaide · 17/09/2008 11:03

They're doing it to un-finance you.

NinaInCognito · 17/09/2008 11:49

They are doing it to confuse the normal woman into thinking this is some amazing scientific breakthrough. Which it isn't - just bollocks to get you to spend more money.

The one that gets me is the Andy McDowell ad saying that her cream will make you look younger - like that is all there is to life.

All to do with genetics if you ask me - if you've got good skin then you're damn lucky, nothing to do with re-plumping, beautifying, wrinkle-filler crap.

I have tried expensive, cheap, perfumed, unperfumed, sensitive, non-sensitive stuff and my face just looks the same. Just a shame I wasted money on tat like what they are trying to peddle.

AllFallDown · 17/09/2008 11:51

Do they make you up to 88% visibly more irritated?

poorbuthappy · 17/09/2008 11:53

The "digitially enhanced in post production" wind me up more....its like advertising a house with 5 bedrooms with small print saying actually its only got 2, but we decided to enhance the advert to get you interested...bloody wrong if you ask me...

Snaf · 17/09/2008 12:00

What about 'Laetitia, styled with a full head of extensions from poverty-stricken Russian children'? Gah.

Does anyone seriously believe that Eva Longoria et al colour their hair with five-quid's-worth of dye from Boots? I'd pay to see Andie MacDowell standing in her bathroom on a Sunday night with a scabby old towel around her shoulders...

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