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OK, so is it, "a higher plane of existence," or, "a higher plain of existence?"

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broguemum · 17/09/2008 09:05

I'm thinking 'plane' myself but wondered what is the view of the MN pendants? TIA.

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ditheringdora · 17/09/2008 09:09

"plane" as in another level, me thinks.

Botbot · 17/09/2008 09:11

deffo 'plane'.

HereComeTheGirls · 17/09/2008 09:11


PestoMonster · 17/09/2008 09:11


broguemum · 17/09/2008 09:13

Pretty unanimous. Plane it is then.


When I reach it I shall think fondly of you all.

OP posts:
broguemum · 17/09/2008 09:14

Um... My didn't come out in the previous post. So here it is:

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 17/09/2008 09:14

as in the rain in spain

StealthPolarBear · 17/09/2008 09:15

or is that wrong?

RhinestoneCowgirl · 17/09/2008 09:15

the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain

broguemum · 17/09/2008 09:16

Um, I thought that the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain as in rolling expanse of grass land type of thing? Am prepared to stand corrected though.

OP posts:
broguemum · 17/09/2008 09:17

Ha! Rolling expanse of grassland it is.

OP posts:
StealthPolarBear · 17/09/2008 09:17

no, I think it's more likely I'm wrong

broguemum · 17/09/2008 09:19

Um, think I pressed post a little too soon. Mind you I quite fancy spending some time on a higher plain of existence. So long as there were no ticks or mosquitos...

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