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Domestic Violence Co-ordinator

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melpomene · 13/09/2008 09:08

I quite often see advertisements for jobs such as 'Domestic Violence Co-ordinator' and 'Substance Abuse Co-ordinator'. This always makes me raise an eyebrow - doesn't it suggest that the person will be co-ordinating or arranging violence, as opposed to preventing it or dealing with the consequences?

OP posts:
Tommy · 13/09/2008 09:18

yes it does but otherwise they'd have to put "Domestic Violence Survivors' Co-ordinator" which is a bit of a mouthful I suppose.

(A friend of mine used to play a game with his colleagues. They would look through the Guardian jobs pages on a Wednesday and find the most ridiculous job title )

I guess they just try to shorten it to save space but I agree with you!

Arbuthnot · 13/09/2008 09:29

I used to teach a Sexual Harrassment Training course. I changed the title to Sexual Harrassment Awareness Training as it bugged me so much. I pointed out to my manager it was either that or I was going to have to drastically alter the course content!

Blandmum · 13/09/2008 09:38

I wince at 'Delete where applicable'.

So are we to delete the word that applies to us?

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