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What's the name for three dots, like this ... and why is it a bad thing?

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Doodle2U · 08/09/2008 20:18

I use this a lot in my posts. Say I'm talking about a conversation that crops up in our house, repeatedly.

I might type "again and again and again..."

to signify it's continual. I'm sure I read on here that this practice get's on Pedants' tits. Why does it?

OP posts:
Tutter · 08/09/2008 20:19

it's lazy construction ...

but i love it

Slouchy · 08/09/2008 20:19


thisisyesterday · 08/09/2008 20:21

ellipses. I love them too. some pedants get a bee in their bonnet about all kinds of things, it's best to ignore them and carry on :D

Doodle2U · 08/09/2008 20:24

ellipses! I knew it had a name!

Ad infinitum means continually, doesn't it? I've wondered about typing that instead of the ellipseseseseses (what's the plural?!) but it seems a bit up it's own bottom.

OP posts:
EffiePerine · 08/09/2008 20:26


ellipses presumably the plural

you should use spaces before and after though

Heated · 08/09/2008 20:27


ChacunaSonGout · 08/09/2008 20:28

i overuse this ...

impresses it has a name!

SorenLorensen · 08/09/2008 20:31

It's ever so useful on MN though...because it mimics the rhythm of natural speech...like pausing...having a little think...then 'saying' the next bit...

And that's my justification for my wild over-use of ellipses on MN

Tommy · 08/09/2008 20:31

I didn't know it had a name either and I use them all the time!

In my head it is usually followed by a


SorenLorensen · 08/09/2008 20:33

Oh I can't be arsed using spaces in between...

Twiglett · 08/09/2008 20:33

I use 2 dots to break up my speech because I'm a renegade pedant

Twiglett · 08/09/2008 20:34


regularlyoverwhelmed · 08/09/2008 20:34

ellipses rock...

Twiglett · 08/09/2008 20:34

do pedants not like ellipsis? Why have I not been informed of this fact?

SorenLorensen · 08/09/2008 20:35

I think you're just bone idle...

Twiglett · 08/09/2008 20:37

Nah I'm Zorro

specialmagiclady · 08/09/2008 20:38

I tend to use them as a sort of replacement for the exclamation mark. You know how one might - in casual written "conversation" - use an exclamation mark to indicate "joke"? I use it to indicate irony.

eg. You caught your husband wanking on your keyboard again? He sounds like a charmer...

I give not a toss whether it is correct. I wouldn't use it in an essay... (see?)

SorenLorensen · 08/09/2008 20:39


When dh and his brother were kids they had swords with chalk mounted into the ends so they could do that swish, swish, swish Zorro thing.

Twiglett · 08/09/2008 20:40

god that's a cool idea

GrimmaTheNome · 08/09/2008 20:40

I like ellipses too in emails/posts, though not in proper writing unless it is being used in some suspenseful situation.

Now then, for anyone who didn't listen to My Fry on the radio this morning, guess the name given by typesetters to the (now rarely used) construct :-

Doodle2U · 08/09/2008 20:40

I can't remember why the Peds don't like them. I just have a vague recollection that some of them were a bit sneary about them but dunno why ...

(They don't suit me wit that space in!)

OP posts:
SorenLorensen · 08/09/2008 20:42

Well :- looks a bit like a willy to me, but that might just be my dirty mind.

Doodle2U · 08/09/2008 20:42

Grimma - I don't understand the question!

Do you mean, what's the name for this



OP posts:
Twiglett · 08/09/2008 20:42

I have never used an ellipsis offline.

I like my abidged version of them tbh.

And that sign :- is a pointer isn't it?

SorenLorensen · 08/09/2008 20:43

I used to use :- loads when I was at school but I would never use it now. Hadn't thought of that before...

And there's another damn ellipsis!

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