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"For free" - it's wrong isn't it?

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Katisha · 13/08/2008 18:33

For nothing
No charge

But "for free" is surely wrong?

Like "nought per cent finance"...

OP posts:
misdee · 13/08/2008 18:35


it is really bugging you isnt it.

[doesn't have a clue]

Katisha · 13/08/2008 18:38

I'm being stalked!

OP posts:
misdee · 13/08/2008 18:38


Katisha · 13/08/2008 18:38

Help me Pedants!

OP posts:
HuwEdwards · 13/08/2008 18:39

you're right it's just unecessary.

HuwEdwards · 13/08/2008 18:39


Katisha · 13/08/2008 18:41

I would go further than unnnecessary and say ungrammatical...

OP posts:
Podrick · 13/08/2008 18:42

ignorant and wrong

HuwEdwards · 13/08/2008 18:48

in the same vein I feel, is 'it comprises of'

Nope, that too is wrong.

Katisha · 13/08/2008 18:51

Should the Pedants storm MN Towers and demand the renaming of the "For Free" topic?

OP posts:
edam · 13/08/2008 18:57

What's wrong with just plain old 'free'? Why does it have to be dressed up with 'for'?

themoon66 · 14/08/2008 23:36

'For Free' makes me grind my teeth

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