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Mistakes in Books (not sure if in right topic)

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Bumblelion · 07/07/2008 16:09

One thing I hate when reading books is finding grammatical/spelling/typo errors.

Am currently reading 'The Society' by Michael Palmer. On page 9, there are two typos in one paragraph.

... thrity (thirty) miles south-west of Boston ...

The four surgerons (surgeons) rotated ...

I find it hard to type the incorrect spellings and can't believe that the author has thanked his publishing company - do they not have proof readers?

I had another one recently in work - the CEO's P.A. sent out a memo regarding new corporate image and said we would be having new stationary(!)

OP posts:
VintageGardenia · 08/07/2008 08:38

I have just read "Call the Midwife" by Jennifer Worth and it is riddled with typos from start to finish. I actually double-checked the book twice to see if it was a proof copy.

Drives me bonkers!

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