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Advise instead of Advice, Responce instead of Response?

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beaniesteve · 05/07/2008 16:21

I've noticed this kind of mistake so much more often, WHY?

OP posts:
DaisySteiner · 05/07/2008 16:23

No such word as responce is there?!!

FabioTheWhisperingCat · 05/07/2008 16:23

Because some people are ignorant to the needs of the pedant.


DaisySteiner · 05/07/2008 16:24

Durr, I see what you mean now, no such word being the whole point! Yeah, winds me up too, as does loose instead of lose.

3Ddonut · 05/07/2008 16:24

advise is to advise, advice is to give advice, surely responce is just a spelling mistake?

beaniesteve · 05/07/2008 16:27

Responce IS a spelling error, that's my point. People really do think that is how it is spelt, which is odd. Ditti Advise when used to mean Advice.

OP posts:
3Ddonut · 05/07/2008 17:08


beaniesteve · 05/07/2008 18:04

sorry for what?

OP posts:
beanieb · 04/02/2009 21:52

just bumping this.

it's response, dammit!

DuelingFanjo · 09/09/2010 08:52

arrgghh. Advice, NOT advise. Come on people.

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