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How do you pronounce sawing and soaring?

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BroccoliSpears · 30/06/2008 15:26

Do they sound the same?

OP posts:
LittleMyDancing · 30/06/2008 15:27




moopdaloop · 30/06/2008 15:27

no as one has an 'r' between the syllables

but the other doesn't have a 'w' sound more a lack of consonant between the two syllables

Tortington · 30/06/2008 15:28

saw - ing
rhymes with claw - ing

sore -ing

IPityTheFool · 30/06/2008 15:30

Saw - ing

Sore - ring

Flamesparrow · 30/06/2008 15:30

like custy

fryalot · 30/06/2008 15:31

sawing is sort of "su-ing" or "soing" maybe "soying" (I can't actually write it, I'm saying it to myself and it doesn't sound like any of those, but it's the closest I can get)

soaring is "sawring"

BroccoliSpears · 30/06/2008 15:32

so sawing is sort of an elongated soing (rhymes with boing)?

OP posts:
SantaBarbara · 30/06/2008 16:30

No. Doesn't rhyme with boing.

More like sor-ing with a silent r.

ScotsLassDownSouth · 01/07/2008 12:30

Like Custardo.

jumpingbeans · 01/07/2008 12:34

Chopping and flying

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