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Customer: Could I get a beer?

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RoxyNotFoxy · 28/06/2008 08:32

Barman: No, that's my job. I get it, you drink it. And when you've finished, take your American Dickhead's Phrasebook and GIT ATTA MY PUB!!!!

OP posts:
PeaGreene · 28/06/2008 09:10

I share your anger.

I feel like shouting "You mean, CAN I HAVE" at people.

And now I've written that I think it should be May I have.

But I'd rather make that mistake than "Can I get"

lucyellensmum · 28/06/2008 09:16

Oh this winds me up too. It sounds rude to me too, i much prefer "please may i have"

TigerFeet · 28/06/2008 09:17

I went to Subway for the first time a couple of months and found the whole experience most bemusing... not least the prevalence of "Can I GET a chilli beef on rye bread, hold the tomato, extra cheese, blahblahblah"

I stood at the counter looking a bit lost and whimpering "I just want a ham sandwich"

PeaGreene · 28/06/2008 09:18

"hold the tomato"

For how long?

TigerFeet · 28/06/2008 09:22

I assume one can specify a temperature for the tomato, somewhere between the usual 0-5 refrigeration temperature and the body temperature of the tomato holder. The tomato is held for the correct length of time until the required temperature has been reached.

I dunno.

I just wanted a ham sandwich.

M&S food hall next time for me.

PeaGreene · 28/06/2008 09:24


Damn. I'll snigger next time I hear that.

MarmadukeScarlet · 28/06/2008 09:42

LOL at individually hand warmed slices of tomato.

My DH, who admittedly spends a great deal of his time in the USA, says this - makes me want to scream everytime.

Also, "I'm good" in response to "How are you?"


KarenThirl · 28/06/2008 13:41

We watched a film a couple of weeks ago called Are We Done Yet. The story centred around a single chap whose girlfriend and two kids moved in with him. In one scene the little boy walked in on the chap in the kitchen early in the morning and asked "Do you got Pop Tarts?" Chap actually corrected him with "Hey, we a family now, you gotta say Do WE got Pop Tarts". I'm still quivering with irritation as I type.

Nagapie · 28/06/2008 13:47

I have an awful habit of saying 'I'm fine' instead of 'No, thanks' when offered second helpings...

We went to stay with a family friend and she kept on saying to me, 'I know you are fine, but do you want some more ...!'

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