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Thought I knew about hyphens but this has puzzled me...

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knpeppa · 18/05/2008 20:44

This is the correct use of the hyphen as I understood it:

  1. XXX is a high-profile event

2. XXX has a high profile
3. High-profile though XXX is ...

A colleague said they would not use the hyphen in the third example.

Who is right? Are we both right and should agree to differ?
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itwasntme · 18/05/2008 20:47

I'd use the hypen in the third example. In 1 and 3, high-profile is used as an adjective.

ChipButty · 18/05/2008 20:47

Colleague is right. Hyphen used for adjectival form.

knpeppa · 18/05/2008 21:09

Can you explain that, chipbutty?

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