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Pedants help me please!

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loobrush · 06/05/2008 17:03

If I wanted to write: "If one or more people ..." - should it be 'are involved' or 'is involved'?

Thanks in advance!

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RustyBear · 06/05/2008 17:05

I'm never sure about this one, so if possible I'd say 'If it involves one or more people' - that way involves refers to 'it' which is definitely singular.

cornsilk · 06/05/2008 17:06


Califrau · 06/05/2008 17:13

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cornsilk · 06/05/2008 17:15

surely it's 'are' for people as it's a collective noun and 'is' for person.

CantSleepWontSleep · 06/05/2008 17:16

I vote 'are'.

jura · 06/05/2008 17:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bink · 06/05/2008 17:28

Really it should say "if one person is, or more people are, involved ..." But, along jura's lines, I think we need to know your context. As do you really want to talk about one individual at all?

Bink · 06/05/2008 17:30

actually, no, reading that back, it should be "one person is, or two or more people are, involved"

loobrush · 06/05/2008 17:48

I haven't written this myself - it's a translation.

I want to say "If one or more brokers ensures/ensure delivery of the assets...."

Thanks again!

OP posts:
Bink · 06/05/2008 18:02

Well you could be devious and say "if delivery of the assets is ensured by a broker (or brokers) ..."

But given that it's a technical translation, perhaps you want to stick closer to the original?

loobrush · 06/05/2008 18:05

Excellent Bink - that would work perfectly. Thanks all!

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