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Quick please!

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Iklboo · 29/04/2008 09:11

Is is

"none of us is"


"none of us are"?

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Iklboo · 29/04/2008 09:17

Pretty please???

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ruthmollymummy · 29/04/2008 09:17

are. definately

stuffitllama · 29/04/2008 09:19

none is "not one"|
none is

stuffitllama · 29/04/2008 09:19

no -- is

LilRedWG · 29/04/2008 09:20


stuffitllama · 29/04/2008 09:20

not one of us is..

not one of us are

it's is

ruthmollymummy · 29/04/2008 09:23

she is not
we are not

i thought "is" was for singular?

stuffitllama · 29/04/2008 09:24

it is singular
none means no one or not one

none of us is perfect
none of us are perfect

trust me

AMumInScotland · 29/04/2008 09:24


not one of us is

It does look odd, but I'm sure that's the grammatically correct one

ruthmollymummy · 29/04/2008 09:25

and you're right stuffit! if you break it down like that not one of us is - because then it becomes singular - not one of us is
we are not

none of us still refers to a group....

IdrisTheDragon · 29/04/2008 09:26

None of us is

ruthmollymummy · 29/04/2008 09:27

oh man!! do you know i have a headache now - i gave birth to my brain cells when i gave birth to my baby 7 months ago!
I HAVE A DEGREE IN ENGLISH! honest i actually do!

my apologies

Iklboo · 29/04/2008 09:34

Thanks so much - sorry for the headaches!

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