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Help all you pedants -fried brain syndrome

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scaryteacher · 22/04/2008 14:28

I'm proof reading my brother's Msc dissy at the last minute as he has only just worked out it needs doing (!) and I have come across this sentence.

In an environment where the military is increasingly reliant on civilian contractors to undertake core functions, there is little to suggest that it too is not effected by the same forces and drivers.

I want to change effected to affected, would I be right? I'm trying to read 20,000 words and make corrections to syntax, grammar, punctuation etc in 2 days, so I'm a tad scrambled at the moment. I'm also sorting out his apostrophes which are appalling. Thank God for Lynne Truss!

Thanks for your help!

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thefunkypea · 22/04/2008 14:29

affected! you're right

Monkeybird · 22/04/2008 14:30

It could actually be either since effected in this context could mean 'brought into being by'...

...but I suspect you want affected by as in impacting upon

PortAndLemon · 22/04/2008 14:30

You would be right.

uberalice · 22/04/2008 14:30

Yes, affected.

RubyRioja · 22/04/2008 14:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scaryteacher · 22/04/2008 14:46

Thanks, I wanted the sense of impacting upon.

No, it's not armyese, it's Navyese, as my brother is in the RN. The sentence makes sense in the context of the MOD using contractors for the supply chain for overseas operations like those going on at the moment; as in theory it saves money and resources, therefore freeing up money and manpower for the sharp end, rather than having also to fund and run the supply chain at the other end, iyswim.

TYVM for your assistance ladies. I knew I'd get an answer on here!

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