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Is it Father's Day, Fathers' Day or Fathers Day? Very important!

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WendyWeber · 20/04/2008 13:43

Opinions please.


OP posts:
motherinferior · 20/04/2008 13:46

I think it is probably Fathers Day. As in a Day to mark Fathers. It might, collectively, belong to the chaps and therefore be called Fathers' Day.

Possibly, in one's individual household, it might be Father's Day.

Novicecamper · 20/04/2008 13:47


PaninoPan · 20/04/2008 13:48

Could be all of them. Hope that clears that up.

WendyWeber · 20/04/2008 13:49

Oh thank you mi, that's what I've been putting (it's for events listings) but most of the sources have Father's and Word seems to think it should be too.

I will take your word before any of them

OP posts:
motherinferior · 20/04/2008 13:55

Sources are quite definitely wrong. It could only be Father's Day in one specific household where there was only one father.

WendyWeber · 20/04/2008 14:01

So is it generally Mothers Day, then? I've never really noticed. (Leaving aside the correct and much easier form of Mothering Sunday!)

Could it be construed as the Day of The Father though? Which would make it Father's???

(I am avoiding work here, can you tell?)

Pan, thank you so much for your helpful contribution btw

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 20/04/2008 14:02

Thanks for yours too, Nc

OP posts:
motherinferior · 20/04/2008 14:04

Only the Day of the Singular Father. It could be the Day of All Fathers - I bet the Fatherhood Institute would like that - and therefore Fathers' Day.

I have in the past leaned towards Mothers' Day but suspect it is, in fact, Mothers Day.

Job Seekers Allowance has no apostrophe, you know, it's very upsetting.

uberalice · 20/04/2008 14:49

Fathers' Day -
The Day belonging to fathers.
Mothers' Day -
And it's Job Seekers' Allowance in my book.

UnquietDad · 20/04/2008 14:59

Ah but Mothers' Day is actually Mothering Sunday [ducks]

motherinferior · 20/04/2008 15:13

Not in the Official Handbook of JSA it's not. Thus making it difficult when one is writing about it - which kind of accuracy does one go for.

UnquietDad · 20/04/2008 15:14

Funny how Mothering and Fathering have such different connotations. Sorry, I'll wander off now.

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