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Why is it annoying to 'draw a bath' but not to to 'draw the curtains'

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TheDevilWearsPrimark · 18/04/2008 21:09

I have friends who say they are off to 'draw a bath' and it sets my teeth on edge,

OP posts:
SquonkTheBeerGuru · 18/04/2008 21:43

MmeCellophane - that would be the letter A my dear

as opposed to an A with an R next to it

Solitaire · 18/04/2008 21:44

we're southern softies so its barth in the Sol household

gigglewitch · 18/04/2008 21:45

surely baaa-aaath

LaComtesse · 18/04/2008 21:46

Is it because 'a bath' is singular and 'curtains' are plural?

hellbell · 18/04/2008 21:58

Ahem, actually, I say draw a bath and my mildly humourous DH gets me a pen and paper...does that make me sound stupid? I have always heard it in my family, just thought it was normal.

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