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Why is it annoying to 'draw a bath' but not to to 'draw the curtains'

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TheDevilWearsPrimark · 18/04/2008 21:09

I have friends who say they are off to 'draw a bath' and it sets my teeth on edge,

OP posts:
littlelapin · 18/04/2008 21:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SquonkTheBeerGuru · 18/04/2008 21:10

because drawing curtains is easy, it's just a load of straight lines.

Drawing a bath, waaaay more complicated, there are taps to draw, plugholes, chains, and if there are claw feet... tres difficult.

gigglewitch · 18/04/2008 21:11

i had the same sort of thing in mind as squonk. I am so bad at drawing

SenoraPostrophe · 18/04/2008 21:12

I have never heard anyone say "draw a bath" - it must be regional.

but drawing the curtains is normal, and presumably therefore not annoying.

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 18/04/2008 21:12

I see your point (s)

So to run a bath is far easier?

OP posts:
SquonkTheBeerGuru · 18/04/2008 21:13

again, it depends, if it has claw feet, yes, you could probably outrun it.

If it is one of those modern ones with a built in motor, I'd just let it go. You;ll never catch up with it.

gigglewitch · 18/04/2008 21:15

ir really does depend how fast and how far it can run

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 18/04/2008 21:19

I just did a very disgraceful cough/splutter/laugh that left me with a fistful of biley red wine.

There's a nice image for you.

OP posts:
SquonkTheBeerGuru · 18/04/2008 21:19

well, at least you had the bath to spit it into

(unless it ran away)

StressTeddy · 18/04/2008 21:20

Because it's poncey and fay posh - somewhat like "an hotel"

gigglewitch · 18/04/2008 21:22
TheDevilWearsPrimark · 18/04/2008 21:23

That's just it Squonk me dear, the bath is off doing the marathon. I tried to tell it it was last weekend but it just insisted.

OP posts:
Wallace · 18/04/2008 21:24

Dh asks me to "pour" him a bath

Solitaire · 18/04/2008 21:24

Draw the bath sounds so Upstairs Downstairs. I can just here the butler saying, 'I've drawn a bath for you sir'

gigglewitch · 18/04/2008 21:26

pmsl @ wallace
does he mean he'd like a glass of bathwater?hot or cold, sir?

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 18/04/2008 21:27

Does he think it's 1908?

OP posts:
littlefrog · 18/04/2008 21:28

isn't drawing a bath an americanism?

Wallace · 18/04/2008 21:28
MmeCellophane · 18/04/2008 21:34

Becausing "drawing a bath" came from Victorian times, when you literally had to draw the water out of the tap. So unless your friends still have Victorian plumbing, it sounds a bit old-fashioned. And stupid.

MmeCellophane · 18/04/2008 21:34


SquonkTheBeerGuru · 18/04/2008 21:35

perhaps you should just have a shower instead?

Solitaire · 18/04/2008 21:39

Yes but are we drawing a bath (northern twang) or a barth (southern twang)

MmeCellophane · 18/04/2008 21:41

Cos I'd get indigestion, Squonk

MmeCellophane · 18/04/2008 21:42

Solitaire - bath here. No R in it!

SquonkTheBeerGuru · 18/04/2008 21:43


not barth

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