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Um, perplexed. When describing a graph should one talk about its skewness or its skewedness?

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broguemum · 15/04/2008 08:16

I've been pondering this one for a while and I think I should be talking about skewedness rather than skewness. Am I right? Any input greatly appreciated.

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broguemum · 15/04/2008 08:18

Where are my manners? I should also say hello as this is my first post on these particular boards although I am a regular lurker. I am a regular poster elsewhere though.

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WanderingTrolley · 15/04/2008 08:24

Isn't it just "its skew?"

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 15/04/2008 08:25

'Skew' I think.

BellaBear · 15/04/2008 08:29

Just skew (am maths teacher, definitely correct)

skewness is also acceptable

not skewedness though

broguemum · 15/04/2008 08:29

OK, here it is. My sentence:

Other measures, helping to better understand the nature of implied risks, are used by market practitioners and include, for example, duration and convexity for fixed income portfolios; dispersion of risk, skewness / skew and kurtosis are also measured.

I think it might be skewness actually. Too early for this - brain hurts.

OP posts:
broguemum · 15/04/2008 08:31

Cross posted with you all! Thanks a million. I was staring at it for so long my mind decided to switch off. Work does that to me sometimes.

OP posts:
broguemum · 15/04/2008 08:32

Just noticed all my extra commas....

OP posts:
Mandalin · 17/04/2008 01:56

What if it's 'skewiff'?

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