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Let vs rent

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clam · 06/04/2008 14:40

Have been lurking too much on the property threads recently, but am getting very tetchy about the number of people who talk about renting their house when they mean letting it. Or should I get a life?

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Flame · 06/04/2008 14:49

Let me just make sure I have my facts right.

Let is the act of owning somewhere, someone else lives in it, you get the rent (ie tis what the landlord does)

Rent is what the tenants do

Sat here worrying that I have spent my life in the wrong

(these things matter to me)

clam · 06/04/2008 14:56

Yes. You rent from someone else. You let your property to them.
But I suppose you can "rent out" your property . If you must.

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Flame · 06/04/2008 14:57

That's ok then

I can see you getting annoyed though, perfectly understandable

clam · 06/04/2008 15:09


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fembear · 06/04/2008 15:10

Aaaargh! I would have agreed with you, Flame / Clam, but I have looked it up in my copy of Chambers and it defines rent as:

  1. as noun
  2. as verb transitive ? to hold or occupy by paying rent
  3. as verb transitive ? to let or hire out for a rent
  4. as verb intransitive ? to be let at a rent.
clam · 06/04/2008 15:40

WHAT???? NO!!!!! Bugger, bugger, bugger. Am going to have to find something else to feel superior about then.

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