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i practise the piano. practice? how do i use these words? help me lovely pedantic people....

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mamalovesmojitos · 05/04/2008 22:40


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soapbox · 05/04/2008 22:42

You practise the piano. You go to the doctors practice where doctors practise medicine

Practise is a verb and practice is a noun.

SmugColditz · 05/04/2008 22:47
ChutneyMary · 05/04/2008 22:50

Think of advice and advise. You would not advice someone to do xyz. Practice and practise are just the same.

mamalovesmojitos · 05/04/2008 22:54

that is exactly what i thought! i have been blatantly challenged on this by two people recently.

i explained the noun/verb system to one but thought i had better check for sure before i see them again.

why are people so confidently wrong sometimes? they had me doubting myself...

thanks guys!!!

OP posts:
IorekByrnison · 05/04/2008 22:58

Were they American? They do things differently there. I know they use "license" for a noun as well as a verb - most likely they do the same with practise.

mamalovesmojitos · 05/04/2008 23:01

no. just pigheaded.

OP posts:
Botbot · 07/04/2008 13:32

Weirdly, US English uses practice for both verb and noun, not practise, as you'd expect from license, defense etc.

wheresthehamster · 07/04/2008 13:35

I think I got this wrong in a post the other day (the shame )

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