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it's clique

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MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 12:49

not click-y ...

OP posts:
TsarChasm · 18/03/2008 12:50

You are so right.

'Click' indeed!

expatinscotland · 18/03/2008 12:50

Thank you!

One of my pet peeve.

SoupDreggon · 18/03/2008 12:51

No, it's cliquey not click-y. Clique and not click (or cleak).

Boco · 18/03/2008 12:52

I thought it was quiche? or quiche-y.

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 12:53

hey Boco-hijacking my own thread - there's a nice art thread in Culture Vultures at the mo...under Egon Schiele landscapes, if you have a minute...

OP posts:
Boco · 18/03/2008 12:55

Is it an art quiche? Will go and look, on my way to felting so will look later. (I hate felting)

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 12:56

uh, yes, it probably is a bit quiche-y

OP posts:
BroccoliSpears · 18/03/2008 12:56

Oh spooky! I was just about to start exactly the same thread.

Except I probably would have used more capital letters and maybe some bold.

Want to start a clique of people who know it's not click?

StealthPolarBear · 18/03/2008 12:57

I assumed it was a deliberate misspelling. Not sure why I thought that!

StealthPolarBear · 18/03/2008 12:57

Pedants' clique = "Pique"

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 12:57

I'm meant to be working, which is why I'm spending my time being a pedant today...

OP posts:
CatIsSleepy · 18/03/2008 12:58

I thought that too SPB

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 12:58

I love pique !!

OP posts:
MehgaLegs · 18/03/2008 12:58

Is it not clleeaaakk? Said through gritted teeth.

SquonkForgotHerEasterName · 18/03/2008 12:58

I always assumed that it was an MNism

I always spell it cleak on here, but of course I know it is clique.


StealthPolarBear · 18/03/2008 12:59

yes squonk an MNism, like fanjo, norks and fark - that must have been my assumption.
I've started a pique! Right, who wants to join my pique?

marina · 18/03/2008 12:59

and we can repel non-pedants from the pique with a picket (or maybe picky) fence
LOL, now I know whassup MaryAnn. Displacement pedantry, eh?

PuppyMonkey · 18/03/2008 13:00

Clique? Nah, it's not that bad once you get into the swing of it...

SquonkForgotHerEasterName · 18/03/2008 13:01

I'll be in your pique

Or should that be peak?

StealthPolarBear · 18/03/2008 13:01

MaryAnn, you're in just because you said you loved it
marina, you're in for the picky fence idea, excellent.
Now, who else?

WanderingTrolley · 18/03/2008 13:01

pique v good


quiche was mine [smug]

StealthPolarBear · 18/03/2008 13:02

Excellent squonk, pique member no. 4

StealthPolarBear · 18/03/2008 13:03

sorry WT, getting over excited as I have never been in a clique, click, pique or quiche!

onebatmother · 18/03/2008 13:05

I'm feeling a bit piquey. Must be that quiche.

BecauseImWoeufIt · 18/03/2008 13:05

I always thought it was an MNism as well!

I know perfectly well how to spell cleecque.

(Nobody noticed my fantastic witticism about the chicken thread being a chicke, btw)

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