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'None of us know exactly what will happen in the future.'

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skyatnight · 26/02/2008 23:10

I was sending an email to someone I wanted to impress and only spotted it afterwards. UHGHGH.

This is one that I always get wrong. Subject 'none' is singular but I always use the plural of the verb.

Any other repeat offenders (not necessarily the same error)?

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skyatnight · 26/02/2008 23:15

Confess your grammar sins here. Repent and ye shall be saved!

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skyatnight · 26/02/2008 23:38

No takers? Ok, must just be me who dobs myself in then.

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BoysAreLikeDogs · 26/02/2008 23:41

100 lines for you, my girl.

ChicktoriaPeckham · 26/02/2008 23:43

Yes, 100 line's.

skyatnight · 26/02/2008 23:49

I don't want your judgement, you sods! I want your confessions! This is meant to be a flawed-pedants bonding session. Where is your empathy?

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ChicktoriaPeckham · 26/02/2008 23:49

We are two perfect to be empathetic.

BoysAreLikeDogs · 26/02/2008 23:50

lol at the chick

skyatnight · 26/02/2008 23:51

Shit - forgot the apostrophe:
'...flawed pedants' bonding...'
Or should that be:
'...flawed-pedants's bonding...'?

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skyatnight · 26/02/2008 23:52

Git orf the fred, then!

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BoysAreLikeDogs · 26/02/2008 23:55

My favourite was seen by DP outside a greengrocer's shop in Fife:


skyatnight · 27/02/2008 00:08

Fife is a bit far north for 'Mellins', isn't it? The greengrocer had probably only seen and sold them a few times before. Probably during the heat wave in the 70s. So you could excuse the spelling mistake as being due to infamiliarity?

(SkyAN shot down by Scottish Mumsnetter pedants who resent the implication that their fruit diet is limited to Haggis and Stovies)

My sister is called 'Hellin' (Helen) a lot, if that helps?

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BoysAreLikeDogs · 27/02/2008 00:16

Yes, I have a 'Hellin' in my circle, too.

Off to bed now, see you again

skyatnight · 27/02/2008 00:20


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