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It begs the question

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L1ttledrummergirl · 12/05/2023 15:37

I used this on another thread in the same way I've used it all my life. Whilst I'm happy to learn and be educated in why I used it incorrectly, and examples of how this phrase could/should be used, the other thread isn't the place. I will direct the posters that want to debate my use of language here.

Feel free to teach me, it's always good to learn something new.

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L1ttledrummergirl · 12/05/2023 15:40
OP posts:
PedantScorner · 12/05/2023 16:06

That's a bit of a thread to wade through.

If I got it right, a poster not in the UK made a post, maybe more, being less than complimentary about the UK, about which, you posted:
I don't think they live in Britain. Which begs the question, why comment on a thread about an issue that doesn't affect them, in a country that they seem to despise?

It raises the question, not begs it.
'PP seems to despise the UK, so why comment on a thread about an issue that doesn't affect them, in a country that they seem to despise' begs the question of 'Is the pp living somewhere other than the UK?'

butterpuffed · 13/05/2023 08:14

The link took me straight to the relevant post fortunately .

'Begs the question' is correct .

L1ttledrummergirl · 13/05/2023 08:19

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I very much appreciate it.Grin

OP posts:
onlyconnect · 13/05/2023 08:31

My dad used to go on about this. I haven't read the linked thread and I guess the answer is probably there ( I'm out off by "wade through") but I never really got what 'begs the question' is supposed to mean.

aramox1 · 13/05/2023 08:59

Technically and traditionally in philosophy it means to assume the conclusion in the premise. It's about circular reasoning. But it's vanishingly rare now and is basically just used to mean raise the question.
Either way I associate with quite a pedantic, pompous style of argument. Sorry OP!

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