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"We very much hope".... "I very much doubt"...

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SugarSkyHigh · 11/02/2008 20:50

"I very much" wish politicians, pundits,officials, anyone, inserting 'very much' immediately after the personal pronoun, would STOP IT NOW. They seem to feel it lends some kind of gravitas to their sentiments. But it just sounds pompous and wordy.

Am I alone, or does anyone Know What I Mean??

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Kbear · 11/02/2008 22:08

I know what you mean MATE

TrinityRhino · 11/02/2008 22:09

is it not right then??

Kbear · 11/02/2008 22:10

I very much doubt it.

SugarSkyHigh · 12/02/2008 10:40

that's ok girrrrrrrrrlfriend

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