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Schedule: Skedule or Sshedule?

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bottolololcks · 11/03/2023 16:00

I hope the title makes sense - I'm not a native speaker

In my new job, this word is used quite a lot but I see people pronouncing in two different ways and I don't know which one I should use. I need to chose one and stick with it.

Which one do you use and why?

OP posts:
BreastedBoobilyToTheStairs · 15/03/2023 09:02

bottolololcks · 14/03/2023 16:47

and how about sCHemes?

That would be 'sk'.

It isn't so much about the spelling, but the etymology. That's why English is such a bonkers language. I'm not an expert by any means, but my understanding is this:

Scheme is 'sk' because it comes straight from the Latin, which in turn comes from the Greek. The have the hard 'sk' sound.

Schedule is 'sh' because the Greek/Latin took a detour through the French language before getting to English (in the same way as 'machine'), which gives the soft 'sh' sound.

Americans pronounce 'schedule' as if it hadn't done that (ie closer to the Greek or Latin), but don't do the same for 'machine'.

goodbyerye · 21/05/2023 10:37

English born and bred

I think shed

PedantScorner · 24/05/2023 16:11

British but not English. Shedule.
I say either as eye-ther.

The sh for s in words like strong, street, estuary and stress irritates me.

KimberleyClark · 25/05/2023 10:41

I think Skedule makes more sense. After all we don’t say shool. Or sheme.

KimberleyClark · 25/05/2023 10:45

GreenWhiteViolet · 12/03/2023 12:57

I say skedule and lootenant. The latter probably because I suspect I first heard the word on Star Trek as a small child.

I’m sure Patrick Stewart must have found it hard to have to say Lootenant.

happylittletree · 25/05/2023 10:48

I'm American, living in Britain. I say skedule (or more precisely sked-jool), despite having altered some of my pronunciations to fit in / help my child (to the extent that I even say to-mah-to much of the time).

Fwiw I think I vary on ee-ther and eye-ther depending on mood and where the word falls in the sentence.

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