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Why why why?

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ImJustMadAboutSaffron · 10/02/2023 21:44

I just read a post on Facebook where someone was talking about her children at mealtimes, meaning to say they're waiting for their pudding, but used "there" both times, as well as your for you are.

Just why?

OP posts:

GanderingGoose · 10/02/2023 21:48

Well I doubt she's doing it on purpose. I'll just throw it out there and take a punt to say she doesn't realise. Hmm


Getir · 10/02/2023 21:49

Perhaps she's not as educated as you.


piedbeauty · 10/02/2023 21:52

Let it go. Unless you're being paid to do it, don't fret about other people's grammar.


WetBandits · 10/02/2023 21:54

I mean, if you’re getting this het up about someone else’s SPAG, you should’ve put commas between each ‘why’ in your title. Wink


Follycastle · 10/02/2023 21:54

I’m a pedant but people making mistakes like this in informal writing (including social media posts) is commonplace and really not worth sweating over.


windyarse · 10/02/2023 21:55

Because she doesn't know any different would be the most logical reason.

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