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Bring and take

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passwordnotsecure · 08/01/2023 09:22

My DH cannot get this right. Has anyone else witnessed this? I can't seem to explain it clearly enough and that it's down to the location of the speaker.
If I'm upstairs he should say 'I will bring the glass upstairs'
Whereas if I'm downstairs he should say 'I will take the glass upstairs'

OP posts:

JenniferBarkley · 08/01/2023 09:29

Where's he from? I know in Ireland we use bring and take differently to England - and it's so innate I've never fully grasped the differences.

Usually Scotland uses a similar version of English to Ireland, although I'm not sure if they are the same in this instance.

Basically, odds are he's not wrong, just using a different dialect to you.


ichundich · 08/01/2023 09:30

It's not as bad as mixing up brought and bought though.


Fifthtimelucky · 12/01/2023 23:35

I've only come across this with Americans before. They often seem to use 'bring' when I would use 'take' or 'fetch' (as well as when I would use bring).


upinaballoon · 13/01/2023 16:54

I would agree with you, OP, but I can see that it might depend on where a person comes from.
I knew a Yorkshirewoman who used the word 'fetched' when I would probably have used 'brought', but that's a by-the-by brought on by thinking about bringing.

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