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Wills lunge at me

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Merryclaire · 08/01/2023 09:10

Surely either ‘Will’s’ or ‘lunged’ (but only the latter if calling him Wills rather than Will)?

Although, not sure why I expect better from The Sun.

Of course, if I’m being really picky it should be ‘Philip’s funeral’ but that one is forgivable due to making it concise.

Wills lunge at me
OP posts:

JenniferBarkley · 08/01/2023 12:46

The tabloids always used to call him Wills, so I think it's used in that sense.


AutumnCrow · 08/01/2023 12:50

Headline writers love an adjectival noun.


Florissant · 08/01/2023 12:51

I like to think it's Wills as in Will and Testament.

(I know it's not; I just found the concept amusing.)


SpookyBlackCat · 08/01/2023 12:53

Also, "Harry book".


schnauzerbeard · 08/01/2023 12:58

If they were going to use an apostrophe would it not be after the s?


Paslaptis · 08/01/2023 13:00

"Wills lunge" seems to suggest a repeated or ongoing action, e.g., "wherever I go wills lunge at me; it's unavoidable!"

The underlying Sun article , at least the online version, uses "lunged" and refers to William or Prince William.

As an aside, I'm getting a little bit worried about William. In all these excerpts he seems to be "steaming", "heated", "piping hot" and so on. Are these the effects of climate change, perhaps?


glamourousindierockandroll · 08/01/2023 13:03

Agree that doesn't read well.

Will's Lunge At Me


Wills Lunged At Me


smooththecat · 08/01/2023 13:05



Stepuptowardsinfinity · 08/01/2023 13:10

The lunge belongs to Wills as Wills is the full name, not Will, so it should be Wills's lunge if the lunge is the noun, or Wills lunged if lunge is the verb, so Wills lunged at me after the funeral. 'Wills's lunge at me' requires something to happen after, such as Wills's lunge at me after the funeral made me feel bad.


schnauzerbeard · 08/01/2023 13:12

If he was Will then it would be Will's, but the full name is Wills so it's Wills' just like If he was called James it wouldn't be Jame's lunge.


OnceUponAWar · 08/01/2023 13:13

"Wills lunge at me" - that one unfortunate individual who inevitably provokes people of a certain name through no fault of their own

The grammar is wrong but the statement as it stands is also quite hilarious when you picture it literally happening.


parrotonthesofa · 08/01/2023 13:16

Yes should have ' after the s or ed on verb.


JenniferBarkley · 08/01/2023 13:46

I don't know the technical term but it's a common construction in headline writing - you see it elsewhere in the image in "Harry book" and "Philip funeral", it just looks funny because they've used the name Wills rather than Will or William.

I doubt it's wrong as it's very common in written media (including outside the tabloids!).


parrotonthesofa · 09/01/2023 07:26

Ah ok JenniferBarkley i see what you mean maybe an adjectival noun as mentioned by pp. like for example we say human behavior rather than humans' behavior. Maybe the same thing??? I don't know though!


PedantScorner · 23/02/2023 19:12

Saw this today in Baby Names:
1 Eloise , loved (since the Damn song)
2. Clarissa , ok ...

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