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AIBU at being quite so wound up

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RosaLuxOnTheBrightSideOfLife · 30/01/2008 11:11

every time I see the term floor being used for what is clearly, being outdoors, the ground. It is bad enough in everyday speech, but in a broadsheet newspaper it makes me want to phone up and rant at the subs desk for half an hour without pausing for breath.
But I know that would be wrong, so I have come on here to find out if I am the only pedant with this particular bugbear.

OP posts:
Twiglett · 30/01/2008 11:12

yes, yes you are .

Ne'er mind dear. It's fine. You're entitled.

yummylittlelapin · 30/01/2008 11:14

How about "Oh I really love this space."


margoandjerry · 30/01/2008 11:16

LOL at "space"

sparkybabe · 30/01/2008 11:18

How about your 'outdoor room'?? The garden, in other words.

quickdrawmcgraw · 30/01/2008 11:20

or chairs in cars when they're clearly seats

Wauden · 29/12/2022 18:58

Old thread popped up, but I loathe this as well!

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