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Apostrophes - none

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purpleme12 · 03/11/2022 19:51

Small business company on Facebook personalising blankets/clothes -
Eg Johns first Christmas.
It makes me cringe so much.

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PotteringPondering · 10/11/2022 12:45


ShamedBySiri · 10/11/2022 13:11

I'd be demanding my money back.
Also I have assured my daughters that should they commit a gravestone crime of this magnitude they can expect to be haunted. By a very angry poltergeist.

Apostrophes - none
purpleme12 · 10/11/2022 14:59

Oh my god is that a real gravestone πŸ™ˆ

I just can't understand it. It'd put me right off that company if I saw that.

On a separate note, my child doesn't know where to put apostrophes so has taken to shoving them in any old place where they have no place at all.
I mean I know she's only 9 and everything but it's always been one of my pet hates!

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