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Dilbertian · 29/10/2022 16:43

Why is hyperbole pronounced hy-PER-bo-lee and not HYper-bole?

OP posts:
PAFMO · 29/10/2022 16:54

Because some of the original Greek sounds don't have a corresponding sound in English.

OohMrBingley · 29/10/2022 16:59

Are you asking about the accent on the second syllable, or the way ‘bole’ is pronounced?

Not sure about the former. But the latter - for the same reason Penelope, Calliope, and Hermione are pronounced the way they are - they’re Greek.

Dilbertian · 30/10/2022 01:41

I haven't come across Calliope. Cal-EYE-o-pee?

OP posts:
OohMrBingley · 30/10/2022 02:21

Correct 😎

starrynight21 · 30/10/2022 02:28

Just one of those things, probably from the original root. The name Penelope springs to mind - when I was at school I thought my class mate's name was pronounced PEN - uh - LOPE.

upinaballoon · 30/10/2022 20:28

I don't think ''Hebrides' is a Greek word but it caught me out when I was about 10, although I had been used to hearing it on the Shipping Forecast.😀I pronounced it with just two syllables until I learned there were three.

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