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hotdiggetydog · 30/08/2022 10:20

panino when it's singular, panini when plural.

Does the misuse of panini drive anyone else mad?

OP posts:
Clicheinaqashqai · 30/08/2022 10:24

DH finds this infuriating too!

hotdiggetydog · 30/08/2022 12:07

"can I have one cheese and ham sandwiches?"

OP posts:
upinaballoon · 30/08/2022 12:20

Yes, as does 'panini's'. I have been heard to mutter, "Not content with ruining our own language, we're now damn well mucking up Italian."

I am too lazy to check whether or not I've mucked up my punctuation.

ErrolTheDragon · 30/08/2022 12:29

Languages evolve. If you check some dictionaries, in general it seems that 'panini' is now the normal English word for a panino, and 'paninis' is a recognised plural.


IsadoraQuagmire · 30/08/2022 12:31

Yes, really annoying. Also see "cappuccinos"

Polimolly · 30/08/2022 15:59

Spaghettis is the one that drives me mad. It's spaghetti. The word is already plural!

SlowingDownAndDown · 30/08/2022 20:04

No, somehow it doesn’t. You’re talking English not Italian.
I always make three lasagnes at once as well so there!

TheLeadbetterLife · 30/08/2022 20:12

I am as pedantic as they come, but this doesn't bother me. It's an Anglicisation.

Do you get annoyed when people say "sopranos", "altos" etc, instead of "soprani", "alti" as well?

Geamhradh · 09/09/2022 09:23

In fairness, if you're going to argue against panino/panini because of the grammar, then you need to protest about the semantics as well.
As my Italian husband used to say when they first became trendy. "that's neither a panini or a panini, it's a toasted sandwich"

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