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Difference between bought and brought please?

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0SlightlyMadShrek · 20/01/2008 17:31

Am I right in thinking the following:

Bought = past tense of buy
Brought = past tense of bring

Is it as easy as that?

OP posts:
geekgirl · 20/01/2008 17:31


LadyOfTheCauliFlowers · 20/01/2008 17:33

bought - i bought this new car
brought - i brought this bag with me.

ebay is the best: 'i only brought this dress 2 weeks ago'

brought? brought it where?

NAB3wishesfor2008 · 20/01/2008 17:33


0SlightlyMadShrek · 20/01/2008 17:34

At least they ain't lying on ebay then.

I bought this dress 12 years ago and it is as tattered as rags, however, I am legally correct in saying I only brought it (into my garage full of tat) 2 weeks ago

OP posts:
RGPargy · 20/01/2008 18:08

Brought to Bring
Bought to Buy

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