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The antipedants strike back.

19 replies

WanderingTrolley · 15/01/2008 11:29

It's apostrophe terrorism.

This is an act of war.

No, bugger it, who am I kidding?

OP posts:
SheikYerbouti · 15/01/2008 11:34

I think you'll find it's actually anti-pedant

TigerFeet · 15/01/2008 11:36

snurk @ SY

Threadworm · 15/01/2008 11:38

I don't think its wrong to go for 'antipedant' (though I would use the hyphen).

WanderingTrolley · 15/01/2008 11:39

I apologise unreservedly.

Please use your hyphen stickers on my post.

I will use my full stop stickers on yours.

OP posts:
Threadworm · 15/01/2008 11:39
SheikYerbouti · 15/01/2008 12:28


PrettyCandles · 15/01/2008 12:31


snowleopard · 15/01/2008 12:36

The pedant army simply needs to round up all the packs and use them for good, not evil.

littlelapin · 15/01/2008 12:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BellaBear · 15/01/2008 12:38

Can you actually buy those? My DH & MIL would love them!

SheikYerbouti · 15/01/2008 13:20

It would be marvellous, wouldn't it?

I could be really horrid to the people on my team then, who are employed at proof-readers, but who don't have a basic command of grammar or punctuation.

Someone let the heinous "chef's wanted" go through the other day at work. Luckily my beady eagle eye spotted it.

MissSpellt · 15/01/2008 14:13

SY - are they also employed as proof-readers? PMSL at this thread.

MissSpellt · 15/01/2008 14:14
MissSpellt · 15/01/2008 14:15

(her post, that is)!


SheikYerbouti · 15/01/2008 14:42

Oh, just fuck off!

MissSpellt · 15/01/2008 18:15


MissSpellt · 15/01/2008 20:31

PMSL, just twigged about your name, SY!

(2 hours later)

JaneHH · 16/01/2008 13:58

How much are we all prepared to bet that the misspelling of "aggravate" was actually a mistake...????

Or am I now being completely dim and just soo behind? (do keep up JHH)

MissSpellt · 16/01/2008 21:26

LOL - hadn't noticed that, Jane!

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