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MsPontipine · 12/01/2008 01:37

I have heard this said twice very recently. Surely .......

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dividedselfridgesxmaswindow · 12/01/2008 01:39


me slightly drunk though

AngharadGoldenhand · 12/01/2008 01:49

I've come across 'surveilled'!

OverRated · 12/01/2008 04:49


MsHighwater · 16/01/2008 22:20

I had a colleague who used to talk about "agreeance"!

Grrlscout · 17/01/2008 08:04

I know it is technically correct, but "gifted" used as a verb makes me itch.

Rantmum · 17/01/2008 08:07

"I will be there momentarily"

What, and then you will just disappear?

Grrlscout · 17/01/2008 15:16

Depends on which side of the Atlantic you're on, rantmum. ;)

potatofactory · 17/01/2008 15:21

Ha! What about being disinterested in a film? Most of us are, as we DIDN'T INVEST ANY MONEY IN IT AND PROBABLY DON'T HAVE FRIENDS RELYING ON REVENUE FROM IT


Bink · 17/01/2008 15:28

What's wrong with "obliviousness"? It's quite a different thing from "oblivion" - it's a state of being oblivious - a characteristic of a person - "oblivion" is pure abstract noun.

Depends though ... I suppose if you said it in the context of "I hope this thread disappears into obliviousness" then yes that would be wrong. But if you said "I am getting fed up with my colleague's obliviousness" then surely that's OK?

potatofactory · 17/01/2008 18:08

i agree, Bink. You could not be fed up with your colleague's oblivion. Except in unusual circumstances. Which I can't concoct at the moment

potatofactory · 17/01/2008 18:08

i agree, Bink. You could not be fed up with your colleague's oblivion. Except in unusual circumstances. Which I can't concoct at the moment

potatofactory · 17/01/2008 18:10

Unless you're supposed to say you are fed up with your colleague always being so oblivious?

...Should that be colleague's ?

Bessie123 · 17/01/2008 18:13

I hate 'preparedness' and 'effectiveness'.

Bink · 17/01/2008 23:13

Well, yes, "efficacy" is punchier than "effectiveness". But the latter doesn't make me flinch; I don't think it's wrong (and nor does the dictionary).

As for "preparedness" - what would you want to substitute? It's a bit clumsy syllable-wise, but again it isn't wrong ...

(This is pedants' corner & moans are therefore subject to the same standard. You can only complain about stuff if you can prove it is technically a solecism.)

Bessie123 · 18/01/2008 10:14

Preparation? I reckon effectiveness is only in the dictionary because people have used it (wrongly) for so long.

Bink · 18/01/2008 11:14

That's sort of my point: "preparation" doesn't substitute as (as I was saying with oblivion/obliviousness) they're different things - "preparation" is the process, "preparedness" the state of having completed that process, or being (as a general personality trait) always ready-to-go.

Thus "I appreciate my colleague's preparedness" is a different statement to "I appreciate my colleague's preparation". The former is a continuing personal quality; the latter imputes a concrete instance.

"Foresight" would perhaps substitute in some circumstances, but not all - as connotation of foresight is theoretical while preparedness is practical. "Readiness" would nearly do, but still doesn't have quite the same nuance.

So "preparedness" is (I submit) entirely fine, when the context is right. But presumably you're coming across it in contexts which aren't carefully thought through ...

Bessie123 · 18/01/2008 11:39

Hmmm, I don't think preparedness would be correct in the example you gave. I don't think it is ever a proper word. Do you mean it as a state of preparation?

Bink · 18/01/2008 12:48

Oh well.
Do you have access to the OED? It's OK with preparedness; defines it as "The state or condition of being prepared; readiness." Lots of citations.

captainmummy · 18/01/2008 12:52

I hate 'incentivise'. It's motivation, surely. But i've heard it lots recently.

(Sorry - 'a lot' recently

Bessie123 · 18/01/2008 12:57

Yes, I can believe that like effectiveness, it is in the OED through frequent use, but I still don't think it is a proper word.

Bink · 18/01/2008 13:09

Frequent use since [earliest citation] 1590 ...

But this is getting sterile, so farewell

MsPontipine · 18/01/2008 23:20

I'm sorry. I take it back

Please see this

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MsPontipine · 18/01/2008 23:21
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varicoseveined · 19/01/2008 21:50

I hate the word "parenting"!

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