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Bedtime story challenging grammer!

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Monkeytrousers · 05/01/2008 20:31

In the story 'Pig gets stuck' fro the Apple Tree Farm series, Curly escapes from his pen and explores the other animals breakfast. Some of these are geese, but do I say, "Does Curly want the geese's breakfast, the goose's breakfast" or what??

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onebatmotherofgoditschilly · 05/01/2008 20:32

the geese' breakfast!

PortAndLemonaid · 05/01/2008 20:42

Geese's breakfast. As it would be children's breakfast (another irregular plural). Or "the breakfast that the geese were planning to have" .

(As this is Pedants' corner, I feel constrained to point out that the word is grammar rather than grammer )

onebatmotherofgoditschilly · 05/01/2008 20:52

sorry, was being silly, monkey, pandl is quite right of course.

and yeah, it's gramm-ar, derbrain

Monkeytrousers · 05/01/2008 21:38


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